The Faceless Mind (two others)

3 poems this evening the faceless mind is about where we go when disappearing into the darkest depths of our minds, frightening places in that place, many never return from what they have witnessed, repressed memories can be found in the bottom of our minds, s the soul is seen from in there also , normal ways of getting this message across would not suffice as to an answer, my other two poems, are short ones, but still need a mind that will go deep to find the true meaning.

Realize The Memory

I do say I use my Imagination often, yet after a poem I still get asked what words and phrases mean,I know a lot of the readers are from other countries, but If you read a book in English, you don’t write to the author and ask him to read it to you and explain the meaning, if everyone did that, no more books would be written, It would take forever to write a five page book.

.Look For A Rainbow/ Nowhere By Road

Look For A rainbow was written last night, then tonight I wrote Nowhere By Road, the former about the way saying goodbye can be so difficult, when you must tell someone that they shall never be seeing you again, my poem says all, the latter is about the road of knowledge and the way in which so much is learned on the journey of life in what can be described as a super highway.

Storm Of Sanity.

One of four poems I have written in the last couple of days, hand broken so it’s been a bit tricky, my right hands the broken one and as i can’t do nothing with my left I’m kinda stuck lol

Footsteps In The Basement.

This poem is about being alone and what goes through our minds as the wind makes strange noises that draw us to a certain part of our home that we feel may hold dread, even when as children we always had somewhere that we thought someone was lurking in wait, I smile when running from such a place as a kid , broke my arm, so not funny at the time.