Distant Prayers

poem about my thoughts on the distant thoughts I have when thinking of someone who may be far of, yet in my mind, they are so close to my heart.


The Tree By The Sea

another from this evening, number 414, when in a place where I did not wish to be, I focused on the good things I recall to this day, rather easy as there were very few good things,but as I shall never recall that part of my life, that’s okay, at least I can write about what i do recall and what I have done since.

Chains To Footsteps

New one I wrote a short time ago, this poem is about the feeling of being chained to a life without the one i love, when all seems to be in darkness,she always seems to appear for me, whether in spirit or in thought, I still feel her close to me, and that is my release.

Her Spirit Stays

new poem shared earlier about the way a person feels when going through that loss none of us hope ever happens to us, when losing someone so close to you that the pain is worse than any other pain, it can last for so long.

There For My Taking.

latest poem with a feel,of what is between what some see as the other world, some may say quantum mechanics, the mind is so powerful, we should not dictate to what is in there, left alone or alone to be left.

More Info on no Tree Lined Streets

Quantum Mechanics is something you feel in your mind, the mind has no perception of lying when in deep thought, an avenue is a street lined with trees, some today call a street with no trees an avenue, some may say wrong, but if you see the trees in the minds eye and the mind tells no lies, you may just be subconsciously picturing this in your mind, we all do that very often, just as another of my earlier poems is titled, whispers in the wind.